Student Chapter

Are you a student? 

If you're not already involved, consider becoming involved in AENJ's Student Chapter!

Scroll all the way down this page to learn more about being an AENJ Student member and get some tips and suggestions for developing a roundtable discussion at conference

Why Join the AENJ Student Chapter?

What is the Student Chapter?

The Student Chapter is made up of Art Education students who are actively involved in their professional organizations on the state and national level. The Student Chapter will help introduce you to conference events and other professional development opportunities while you are working on your undergraduate degree / teaching certification. As a student member you will receive all the benefits of a regular membership plus added “student-centered” bonuses and a reduced membership fee from AENJ and NAEA.

Why you should join the AENJ Student Chapter

Receive WebBeat, AENJ’S online newsletter

  • Articles on current news in Art Education and AENJ happenings
  • Find out what’s going on in your region. Know where you want to go!
  • Online announcements on all professional development events (museum trips, division dinners, spring symposium, conferences, YAM)

Attend the AENJ convention in Somerset

  • Meet other students in Art Education from schools throughout New Jersey
  • Make connections with veteran art teachers who can give advice and also inform you of potential job openings
  • Learn what art teachers are doing in the classroom and bring new ideas home with you
  • Visit the vendors to see fun, new art products and leave with bags full of samples from your favorite companies
  • Participate in Student Chapter events and win prizes. Attendance and participation at the roundtables is a great resume builder showing early professional involvement and dedication. Roundtable proposal applications can be found at (Drop down menu – Divisions and Regions to Student Chapter link)

Get involved early. You CAN ONLY benefit!

How to Join

Complete an AENJ membership application, available in October (
Membership is from conference to conference

  • Send a $20.00 check made payable to AENJ along with conference registration fee (group rates are available for schools).
  • You may join AENJ without attending the conference.
  • Check full-time undergraduate and include a copy of your current student ID

What are Roundtables?

Roundtables are a series of short presentations and discussions at, surprise, a round table, and are presented to small groups of about 5 of your peers. For our purposes, presenters will be giving five 20-minute presentations. These presentations are informative, brief, and fun for the participants, as well as the presenters.

Why present a Roundtable?

Put your education courses to work. Roundtables are a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate an innovative lesson plan you created, to share the research you have been working on, or to teach other future teachers what you have learned works in or out of the classroom.

Tips for a Successful Roundtable

  • Hands-on presentations are encouraged
  • Contact vendors for supplies (cheap or free!) in exchange for a little advertising
  • Keep it organized…we don’t have access to sinks
  • You must provide the materials, including laptops (which should
    run on battery)
  • Plan to present to about 25 people but bring extra.
  • Supplying lesson plans is a good idea, but not required
  • Though it is an informal presentation, professional dress and conduct is expected