NJ State Youth Art Month Exhibit


2017 State YAM Exhibit at The Trenton State House

MARCH 24 - MARCH 31 

CLOSING RECEPTION: Friday, March 31st

Grades 9-12  12:00pm to 2:30pm

HS Awards Ceremony, 12:30pm with guest speaker

Grades PK-8  5:00pm to 7:45pm
PK-8 Awards Ceremony, 6:30pm

Awards Ceremony location TBD

The YAM Exhibit will be in the Annex Tunnel. Please bring photo ID with you to enter State House!

For directions to the State House in Trenton, please click here.



* You must contact your local YAM Chair  and participate in your county YAM exhibit to be eligible for this exhibit.

* Submissions should be no larger than 18x 24 inches due to space limitations. 

* All artwork must have the correct front and back AENJ labels attached to artwork.

* All work must be matted or mounted for display. They may be mounted on matboard, colorful construction paper and/or foamboard.

* Please do not STAPLE artwork to construction paper.

* Please no frames, 3D work, acetate coverings, stretched canvas, or extremely large pieces will be accepted.

* Only original pieces of artwork will be accepted. Please NO color copies of the originals.

* Please refrain from submitting artwork with copyrighted characters and logos.

* You must be a current AENJ member to participate.